Reason 4 – Ideas to Try

They’re Just a Different Forum for the Boss to Tell You What to do and Why

Some key questions to ask yourself and your team.

Basic, really important ones:

  1. Are we aligned with the boss regarding what is to be accomplished?
  2. Are we following up enough with the boss to make sure we are on track?
  3. How effectively are we dealing with the frustration this situation may be causing?

A question for the boss:

  1. Are the problems this team is experiencing similar to what other teams in my area are experiencing? Am I the problem with this team? (Be honest!)

Interesting ones:

  1. What might the hidden agendas be that our team is dealing with?
  2. Can we perhaps deal with these in a different and more effective way?
  3. How might we be able to prevent this type of thing from happening in the future?
  4. How much am I compromising myself by staying on this team and do I care?

Key points of this reason to hate work teams:

  • Being on a team that is told what to do and how to do it doesn’t have to be all bad. It allows you to quickly get to work!
  • Vent enough to diffuse some of the frustration of this reason, but….
  • Excessive complaining about a situation like never resolves it; only activity does.

Discussion and comment points for this post:

  1. It’s often not so much being told what the team is to focus on that causes frustration it’s more about being told how to focus on the issue. If you have experienced this, how have you dealt with this type of situation?
  2. How do deal with a boss that is a jerk!?
  3. What assumptions do you think are at play when a boss creates a team to deal with hidden agendas?
  4. When situations like this occur, how really aware do you think people are (including the boss) of the dynamics and causes of this situation?

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