Reason 8 – Ideas to Try

They Take Months to Make a Decision That Could Have Been Made in Minutes

Some key questions to ask yourself and your team.

Basic, really important ones:

  1. How important is this decision? You might want to use the following scale as a rough guideline.Importance scale
  2. Does the time it is taking to make this decision match the importance of the decision?
  3. How much time do we have to make this decision? Is it an appropriate amount?
  4. Is this a ‘what’ decision, a ‘why’ decision or a ‘how’ decision?

Interesting ones:

  1. How do we keep our objectivity in determining how important a decision really is?
  2. Would we like to be making decisions further to the right of the scale above or not?
  3. Do we have a good balance in using or not using team tools?
  4. Are we using team tools and simply not naming them as such?

Key points of this reason to hate work teams:

  • If no more relevant information concerning an issue is likely to come forward, then make a decision. Don’t wait longer for information that you either won’t get or doesn’t matter.
  • Decisions about ‘how’ to do things are just as important as decisions about ‘what’ to do.
  • Surveys are notorious time wasters. Make sure you REALLY need one before you go to the trouble of using one.

Discussion and comment points for this post:

  1. How have you handled situations when 1 or more people on a team really believe a decision that needs to be made is way more important than the rest of the team does?
  2. Have you ever dealt with a situation when a stakeholder affected by your decisions thinks the decision is way more important than the team does?
  3. How have you either sped up or slowed down decision-making on a team?

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