IMG_2694Tom Gibbons operates Pathways and Crossroads Consulting Inc. and is also Managing Director and Partner in Team Management Systems (Americas). Both companies focus on the development of individuals, teams and organizations. What this blog is doing initially is blogging a couple of books. The first being 10 Good Reasons to Hate Work Teams (actually more of a booklet) and the second tentatively called OUCH! The Misfit of Theory and Experience in Organizaions. I’m a little uncertain of that title but that seems appropriate for now!

I hope you will follow along as these books are blogged and add your comments and ideas. They will of course affect my thinking and writing and end up making a better book.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Tom,

    Stick with “Ouch!”

    I talk about “the wiggly world of organization” and management as “muddling through”. As Picasso said,

    “You have to wake people up. To revolutionize their way of identifying things. You’ve got to create images they won’t accept. Make them foam at the mouth. Force them to understand that they’re living in a pretty queer world. A world that’s not reassuring. A world that’s not what they think it is.”

    Good luck with the book!


    • Hello Chris and thanks for your comment and for visiting! Hopefully the OUCH! and the work that you do, as well as others does wake people up to a different way of looking at organizational experience.

      For those of you who would like to see Chris’ blog you can find it here – http://informalcoalitions.typepad.com/ – Chris’ work and thinking fits well into the OUCH! themes and he has tons of experience in this area!

      Have a read….

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